Monday, June 1, 2009

Beauty Made Simple

Sometimes we forget how simple beauty can be. When we look for beauty products usually we look for natural ingredients we love. Honey, sugar, vanilla, get the picture. So why not just go straight to the source, save yourself some money, and get a spa like treatment- at home! You can google tons of recipes for homemade mask, scrubs, and hair treatments. You can even make them ahead of time and store them in old cosmetic containers.

I tried this recently and really was impressed, here was my "mini spa" routine-

Mac's new honey line is coming out June 11th. It looks amazing, but do I got $20 to shell out for less than 4 oz. of bodywash? Not really. So I made my own body/foot scrub at home, I even made extra to use later. All I did was mix honey and sugar! Yes that's all! It's amazing and works the same. On my feet I use it bare, yet for body I add a little showergel since I like foaming scrubs. It smells even better mixed with my vanilla bodywash. And it looks just like store bought! In the right jar you'd think I paid a ton for it. 

I love face scrubs, but I really can't use them since my face usually breaks out here and there. Well, for those of you like me here's a scrub you CAN use and it will help the breakouts. Some people swear by this. Baking soda! Plus, store some in the bathroom and use it on your teeth also, it will brighten your smile in no time!

My hair sometimes...ok most of the time...lacks shine, yet I can't just spray it down with shine spray since it likes to get oily. So I tried a vinegar rinse. Now there's many ways you can do this, add essential oils, herbs, etc. But I just went for it and used it straight. The result? Shiny healthy looking hair! Don't use a lot, about one fourth a cup mixed with water, and don't overuse this rinse, maybe once or twice a week. Pour over hair after shampoo and conditioner and rinse. Your hair shouldn't smell like vinegar if you rinse thoroughly.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!


  1. I can remember my Mother giving me receipe's for beauty products. She also mixed honey into regular oatmeal for a face mask. To tighten skin she used beaten egg white. That really does work. Thanks for the advice.

  2. Honey and oatmeal? Sound refreshing, I gotta try that one!