Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shade the sun for less!

While looking for some deals on shades, I found many but I also found some really AWESOME sites! Here's a look.

I've never been to this site, but they have some amazing deals on really cute sunglasses. These are all $12 each!

Also, while most of their purses don't appeal to me, they have one style that makes the cut. It comes in a million colors, but purple is sold out. $50.00 (shown in pewter)

I knew of this site but just haven't ever went and looked around and now I am so mad I didn't! They have some really cute shades with prices so low I won't cry when my boyfriend sits on them!$9.99 for style above and below$5.99! for that Jackie-O look.

Also, they have the cutest jewelry ever with the same low prices!$3.99$4.99$6.99 (these make me wanna forget Juicy!)

Plus too much more to show- robots, spaceships, pineapples, and smoking lips!) You must check this site out!

I've been to this site many times to drool, but it's been a while and I'm going to right back into my old habits. Check out their shades!$11 these sunglasses have my name all over them!$11 You can't go wrong with  these classic aviators!$4.99 on sale! 

But the best thing I find on this site wasn't the sunglasses or the bacon bandaids or even the Will Ferrell tanning lotion...yes the Will Ferrell. It was the GIANT CUPCAKE MOLD! It's kinda steep at $40 but imagine all of Bakerella's teeny tiny cupcakes surrounding this one giant cupcake! I'm at a loss for words...

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  1. You can get the Big Top Cupcake - non-stick silicone, with filling insert for only $19.95 @