Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hello Kitty and Eyebrows!

So here's what I got from the Mac sale. I know it's only 2 items but I'm cheap and these are the 2 things I really wanted(ok I wanted the Hello Kitty e/s quad in Too Dolly also but didn't have the cashflow :(...). So I got the lipstick in Strayin', MY FIRST MAC LIPSTICK! I must have Snob next! I just dunno how the color would look on me. I'm very fair and this color Strayin' looks right on me, I'm not a lipstick gal cause they can just overwhelm my whole face but I really like this. Plus, it last really well, Mac is worth the price huh? The only other lipstick I've ever been attached to was Clinique Sugared Grapefruit and it never would stay. This sticks! And goes PERFECT with my Fusion Lipgloss in Kiss. I also got the beauty powder in Pretty Baby. Although I had read all the reviews and seen all the swatches, I understood it is not a blush, but it was still not what I expected. None the less- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. I been in the mirror just laying it on, and the best part is as pale as I am, I can't over do this stuff! Love it! I'm now kicking myself for not being into this from the beginning, and buying ever hello kitty item released! I will know better next time! I'm saving for the Graphic Garden collection being released July 17th. I just hope it doesn't sell out first, because Nordstrom is taking pre-orders! Here's what I want:

I have no Mac brushes so of course I want a brush bag- the shape and define one! It's $49.50 and includes SE of the 187, 168, 194, 212, 275 and a bag for it all. I REALLY want this. I think I can live without the other set though.

I also want the Graphic Garden palette, I love all the eyeshadow colors and since I also have no Mac eyeshadows (OMG it's horrible I know!) I think these colors will make a nice introductory.

My biggest wish on the list is the Look in a Box- in Sweet Tease- which will include Shell Pearl beauty powder, Gleam and Mulch eyeshadow, Love Nectar lustreglass, trial size of black Zoomlash, and a promotional sized 181 brush!

Anyways-here I am wearing my Mac Hello Kitty Items. I decided the lipstick was pretty enough that I wouldn't wear any eyeshadow but I did watch a tutorial for eyebrows over at Memoirs of a Shopping Addict and did the tricks she talks about here. She has an amazing tip for your eyebrows using concealer. Absolute genuis


  1. I haven't been into Mac long. Just since last year. I've done plenty of damage to my bank account. I love lipsticks so I've bought lots of Mac's. I also bought some Hello Kitty stuff. I never even bothered with Hello Kitty. I think it's cute but I never bought anything. When Mac showed it, I bought. I preordered an eyeshadow palette and 2 lipsticks. I think that's all.

  2. They still have the hell kitty eyeshadow palettes on the mac website, i think it's hello dolly that i want. I'm really hoping they stay on there til I get some cash. Which one did you get? And do you do the back to mac thing? I jst found out about this.