Friday, June 5, 2009

I Guess You Call It A Haul?

I'm new to all this so I guess this is what you'd call a haul. Here's what I got yesterday at Walgreens, Aldi, and Sally's. 

I got the Seche Vite Fast dry top coat at Sally's and right now they are giving you the clear basecoat for free. I'd much rather have had the ridge filler basecoat, but free is free. I also got a nail clean up pen from Sally's and was so mad when I opened it and it was dried up! Completely useless.  At checkout I seen the smallest tubes of lipstick by the counter, had to have! And they were only 99cent. It's the Sally girl brand and I already own some of the adorable tiny polish. My color choices were phat and T.K.O. Both pinks.

I got the Lacura lip care in milk in honey, you get three tubes for $1.99! There's only two in the picture because I gave one to my boyfriend. If you haven't been to Aldi's yet, you must go! I love it! I also got the Lacura sun kissed body lotion, it's supposed to firm and give a light glow. It has q10 and smells like the face cream, which I personally like. I read a lot of people saying they couldn't try to face cream cause the fragrance, but as sensitive as my face is- it doesn't break me out in splotches like everything else. I even had a Wella organic rosemary moisturizer for sensitive skin break me out in hives.

At Walgreen's I got the Loreal Hip paint in secretive, they had almost all the other colors on sale but not this one. I got it to try to use as a shadow base. I got five bottles of Sinful Color polish(these polishes are $1.99), the colors are dream on, cloud 9, cream pink, pink forever, and purple diamond. I love the cloud 9-it's the orange shade, I've been looking for the perfect orange. The dream on is so bright! But it's a little hard to paint my nails with, I'm not very good anyways and the formula on this (not sure about the others yet) does not help. I picked up the Sally Hansen insta-dri polish in lickety split lime, another color I've been trying to find the perfect shade of. It's a flat(not sparkly) and has a really good shine even without a topcoat. The brush is horrible, I hate it. It's big and flat and awkward. And even though it dries faster than other polish I have, it's certainly not insta-dri. I also got a eyeliner pen guessed it! $1.99. Seems to be my lucky number! I have never in my life used liquid eyeliner, I've always been so scared, but I've been wanting to try some. So when I seen this pen shaped eyeliner, I thought, perfect! I think the tip could be a little smaller somehow, but overall I really like this pen. I recently read all liquid eyeliner is the same- is this true? 

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  1. Nice haul. I hate those useless cleanup pens. I would like to find new tips for mine. I just dip it in nail polish and use it that way. Mostly I use an orange stick wrapped with cotton ball. It's cheaper in the long run.