Sunday, June 28, 2009

See Jane Run

I'm not sure if Jane Cosmetics is going under or what but my local Walgreens has had their entire Jane section on clearance for a while now and it's almost sold out. I went to Walgreens to buy Milani's Runway shadow compact in Haute Couture. No luck, they only have the coordinating color palettes, pink, blue, green...So just when I thought no eyeshadow for me I seen the Jane stand and took a look. I found at the bottom this Jane Eye Zing Eye Mixers Eye Shadow Compact. It's the Angel 04 palette and I picked it up for only $4. Not bad. You can pick one up on for just $6.99, still a steal. These aren't amazingly pigmented, but not the worst either. You get eight colors which are all from the original eye zing collection, a mirror and two applicators which you can throw out as soon as you open. I have nothing against sponge tipped applicators but these just don't do it. Overall for the price, this palette is definitely a buy! 


  1. Pretty colors. Are you going to do a FOTD look? The Mac shadows are insanely pigmented. Expensive and addictive. I like NYX shadows also. On their web site they are having a half price sale on trio's, singles and lip gloss.

  2. Imma try to do a fotd but my camera gives me trouble when i try to take pix of my makeup, i probably just need to learn to use it right. I seen the sale, but I was thinking of ordering from cherryculture instead cause even though their eyeshadows are a dollar more, their round lipsticks and lipglosses are only $2 versus $3.50 and $3.00. But I did notice some really cute cupcake lipslosses on the nyx site!

  3. Hello sparklingpinkgorilla,

    I will be happy to let know that Jane Cosmetics is NOT going out of business, we will no longer be sold at Walgreens stores. you can still find us at many Walmart, Rite Aid, Ulta and Duane Reade Stores across the country.

    As the President and CEO of Reborn Beauty, a parent company of Jane Cosmetics, I plan to remain at large with our consumers and continue to produce the GREAT and INNOVATIVE products as we have done so in the past.

    Please continue to visit our website for updates, contests and promotional offers and chat with us anytime on Myspace, Facebook or Twitter.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks for your dedication and love for our products.

    President and CEO, Reborn Beauty (a parent company of "Jane Cosmetics)