Tuesday, June 16, 2009

(Dream) Shoe Of The Day

          These Alexander Mcqueen heels have been marked down drastically from $929.00 to $743.00. Sadly I still cannot afford them.

          You craving Barbie feet also? Can't shell out that kinda of cash either? No fear! With the help of Zappos.com(and one pair from shoemetro.com), you too can have fresh pink feet for no more than $100! Promise!The highest heel (hottie) $55.00

These are jawdropping! I love everything about them. They look like they would cost much more than this price tag, and that's a five inch heel if I'm not mistaken. 

Nine West (rocha) $69.00

Nine West really can make a cute shoe when they put their mind to it! Here's another example of that...Nine West (vishni) $78.95

RSVP (meagan) $85.00

I love the pink and gold color combo.Pleaser USA s(educe 420) $48.00

Ignore the name! These look like they should be one inch long and plastic. Adorable.Promiscuous (playfulness) $98.10

Right at the top of the budget, these look totally worth the price.Report (alix) $59.99 

From ShoeMetro.com, this same pair list for over $100 on more popular sites. Unfortunately, neither shows them being modeled which I'd love to see.

                     Still Craving Mcqueen? Then steal his style with these pink soled pumps!Promiscuous (especial) $55.00


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  1. Aren't they all beautiful! There's no way I could walk in any of them. Sadly I couldn't afford them either. Well the lower priced ones I could. But then how could I get more polish?