Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm Bananas For...

walking in africa
I was over at theshoegirl'sblog(if you haven't checked her out, you should!) and she had posted her new paid of Charlotte Olympia Greta heels. It reminded me of how much I need a pair of Cheeta and/or Leopard pumps. Here's some of my faves. 


  1. I love animal prints and heels. I just have to admire them from afar. I have very bad knees and feet. It's flats for me. I'll have to check out that blog. Do you look at Shoe porn.

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  3. I love leopard flats also, it took me forever to find the right pair I want. I'll post them one day. O and shoe porn? I'll have to check that out! haha!