Monday, November 16, 2009

Zoya: Hot Lips!

For those of you on Twitter, you must have heard about the promotions Zoya does. Well there latest one they gave away three free Hot Lips of your choice. These are their glossy lip balms. It's a gloss that is also a balm. My picks were Fame (a pretty nude), GirlyGirl (a deep pink with a hint of shimmer)  and Babydoll (a barbie pink). I love all three. They have such a good smell to them and the colors don't disappoint. I also picked up Luna which is one of their new glitters. It looks like a disco ball. Very party appropriate. I haven't had time to try it on yet but have seen many swatches and it looks like New Years Eve in a bottle. They also included some catalogs which are a big help since they have over 300 polish colors! Be sure to follow Zoya_NailPolish on Twitter!

Recent Buys

I picked up the NYX palette for green eyes along with the blue eyes palette which was a gift for someone. I found a seller on ebay who sells these palettes 2 for $12.99 with shipping at only $2.94. She ships so fast! I got my eyeshadows in 2 days from California to Alabama. She wrapped everything so well and had the cutest invoice/thank you included with her logo on it. Her ebay name is Joy017 and the store is JOY'S cosmetics. I definitely will buy my NYX stuff from her in the future. O and the palette is so pretty. All the colors are perfect for my eyes and they go on so smooth. Some of them do have a lot of fall out but no big deal to just sweep away. 

I hate going to Walmart and last time I went to try and find the Hard Candy cosmetics- they weren't in stock yet. I thought they still hadn't stocked them until I finally found them squeezed between two other displays in an aisle. Everything looked pretty nice but this is what I really wanted so it's the only thing I picked up. Their lipstick is called Painted Lady if I'm not mistaken and this is a nude color in Fire Alarm. I don't really get the name but the color is so pretty. A perfect nude. The lipstick goes on really smooth and doesn't feel dry. As far as staying on, it's not horrible but I don't mind reapplying. Also, I love the tube itself. Really cute.

If anyone has a PS3 they must sign up for Netflix. As soon as I heard about Netflix coming to PS3 I signed up. I not only get 2 movies out at anytime, movies to watch on the computer, but also with this disk I can watch the instant movies on my tv. A lot of people were upset at the idea that it is disk based. This means every time I want to watch the movies I must insert this disk. To me, no big deal- I would have to put in a disk to watch a movie anyways. The only thing that bugs me is that I do believe they have the technology to just send us an update and make it where we don't need the disk. I know Xbox does it like this. Maybe they have an exclusive deal though. Like Apple and AT&T...

I picked up these Juicy Couture earrings for only $25 at TjMaxx! I really like them because they snap on securely and are just so cute! 

Anyone into body washes (i.e. the whole female population) should check out Suave's limited edition seasonal body washes. I picked this up at Walmart for $1.50! And it smells amazing! I got the Peppermint Bliss one and am going to go back and get more of this and the others. Great buy. The other scents include-Toasted Vanilla Sugar, Candied Apple(this is the only one that didn't stand out to me, and I love apple scents), and Holiday Pear but I didn't see or smell this one. 

Sometimes I like to go over to and see what the deals are. Well I stumbled over there not too long ago and found these business cards on sale at for only $3.71! I have no need for business cards but between the price and the cute design I had to order some! You like? 

My Elfster Package!

I participated in a polish exchange over at for Christmas. We sent off our packages around the First of November and I received mine Friday. I was so excited when I seen my package in the mailbox. Turns out my "Elf" was Berry from HappyBerryNaiad blog. She sent sooooo much stuff! The picture doesn't even have everything in it! I also got O.P.I. Elephantastic Pink, there was another Clarins sample and even some jewelry! She even made the card herself which is why I showed the outside. I really enjoyed this exchange, I got to send a package to New Zealand and I received mine from Singapore. I hope we can do this again...soon! Thanks again to Berry :) 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

I'm sorry it took me so long to post the winner. Also, ignore my nails in this as I've been fishing all day :) And for those who don't want to watch the video, the winner is SparkleMidori!