Monday, September 28, 2009

Vacation and Reviews

Hi Everyone! I'm on vacation this week. In my case it's a "stay"cation haha! So I'll have extra time to be more attentive to my blog and post some things I've been meaning to post, a few reviews, etc. I also just really wanted to say thank you to my followers! Everytime I see my small number go up, it just makes my day. Hopefully one day it'll be a big number! I  also wanted to tell you all how much I enjoy reading my comments and reading your blogs. 

On another note I got contacted by Nailene to try some of their products. I wasn't even aware of all the products they were producing. I can't wait to receive some of their stuff and tell you all my experiences with it. I seen some fake nails like the other ones I tried so cross my fingers I'll get to try some. I also have the Revlon ones I hope to get around to trying this week. The nail beds on these are rather transparent so I'm going to take some of the nails that are off sized and practice with those. If you have any tips that work for you, let me know. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

 I was over at Doe Deere earlier and found a link on her site to La Roux. OMG I'm in love with this music. All the songs this androgynous falsetto sings are wonderful! Very refreshing to hear something different in a world of the same. Her albums available now on itunes and is available everywhere else Sept. 29th.

Nail Designs

I had some extra fake nails left over and thought I'd try some designs out. Some didn't work out so well. All are three coats with Seche Vite topcoat except Essie Mid Squad has Essie 3way glaze as a topcoat. These are my Halloween themed ones. I love the jagged tip on the green one.  I used my Nailene French tip pen in black. The color I used was Sally Hansen InstaDri Lickity Split Lime. I love this color but it stains my nails so bad(even with every base I've tried) and the brush sucks. The left nail is Sinful Colors Cloud 9 and Art Deco black.

These are Christmas themed. From left to right- China Glaze Adore (amazing coverage in just one coat with this polish) topped with Jessica An Affair To Remember. The next one is L.A. Colors in Pink Crush (a red pink) topped with Art Deco silver glitter. And last is Jessica The Way You Look Tonight with Art Deco gold glitter for the tip. TWYLT should be called Ruby Slippers! So pretty!

Ignore my messed up nail art please. I posted this one to show you how similar Sinful Colors Forever Pink looks to my new Essie Mod Squad. Not an exact dupe as the sinful is lighter in real life. The Sinful doesn't compare at all to the formula of the Essie. I see what all the raves are about now. Love this polish! The tip of the left nail is Art Deco in baby pink and magenta.

So I wanted to show everybody my new phone! It's no blackberry or iPhone but I really like it and all I wanted was just a phone. I'm on gadget overload as is and the thing I use my phone most for anyways is the calculator. Swear. I hate talking on the phone. 

stock photo

My phone! <3

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Pretty Sample Bag

I got my pretty sample bag today! I got the three sample bag just to try it out. If you're not familiar- My Pretty Sample Bag is brought to us by the same Linda who runs My Pretty Pink Box. With the sample bag you can actually choose your samples from a really good variety of samples. Be quick though! I waited and some of the samples I wanted sold out. I just checked the site and she's actually lowered the pricing so it's a HUGE deal. I paid $6.50 for 3 samples and now it's just $5.50. That's $1 cheaper! The five sample bag has gone down fifty cents if I'm correct- from $9.50 to $9.00. This all includes shipping also, so no hidden fees to jack up the price! So anyways, here's my bag and thoughts- O yea, there was no actual bag haha! Which is probably a good thing cause I have plenty of bags laying around as is.

This was taken with my phone by the way.

What I got-

A 1.5 oz. can of BigSexyHair Spray&Play volumizing hairspray

A box of Revlon Runway Collection nails in minx/medium length (hope these are as good as the kiss nails which were amazing!)

A bag of 3 mark. skincare samples and one perfume sample 

Not bad considering the nails run around $6 by themselves! 

I would definitely buy this again! I love sampling products before I buy them or having smaller sizes for my handbag and traveling.


Yay! I got my first tag from Lacquer Laine.

"10 facts about you"

It says I'm supposed to tell you lovely readers ten things about me and then tag ten other blogs. 

1. I don't have any pets or children, but I want both! :) 

2. I'm 5'1" tall. I grew about 2 inches after the age of 18, which I didn't even know until my dad made me measure myself insisting I was more than 5 feet tall.

3.  My favorite color is pink followed very closely by purple.

4. I can wiggle my ears.

5. I can't whistle but have tried as much as humanly possible.

6. I'm left handed but I'm right hand dominate.

7. I don't wear dresses or shorts but continue to buy them anyways. 

8. I ask alot of questions.

9. I'm a Gemini.

10. I love the rain. 

I tag...

Kae from The Hungry Asian

Pinky from Beauty By Pinky

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Fashion Court

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Kellie  from Also Known As...

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Sylvia from Chaotic Cookie

TjMaxx Haul and New Toy

I love TjMaxx and finding deals, here's some of the stuff I got...I got the cutest little notebook to carry around with me  cause I'm always thinking of something I need to do or get and never have anything handy to write it down on and eventually I always forget. Now I won't! I was so happy to find this trio of little Korres body butters. I've bought Korres products from TjMaxx before and really love the products but not their retail prices- I got this for just $6.99- right now it's listed on for $24.50! It comes with Quince, Fig, and Guava. I found these Betsey Johnson ankle socks in the color purple, 6 pairs for $6.99- that's Walmart pricing! Haha! The retail tag says $65.00, now I'm a Betsey lover but no way am  paying $65 for some socks! I found this wallet I've seen on a couple of website for around 20 bucks for just $4.99. I really like this wallet because it's small and sturdy and cute enough to just carry around with you by itself. I also found a pink zebra hairbrush. I wouldn't proclaim myself as a zebra print fan but I guess I should because I always end up buying zebra print stuff. I am a cupcake fanatic though, so when I seen this cupcake candle with sprinkles on top I had to have it, it smells so yummy. The sprinkles look so real but I thought surely they must be wax right? My boyfriend was like- no they're real- and ate one! *Gasp* Turns out he was right- they are real! Haha! Stale but real. I now see why though- when the candle burns, they don't melt! I also got this water bottle with a skull and rose on it, I'm not a skull fan but I love the pink and black. When I used it the first time I was thinking wow this bottle sweats a lot because the bottle stayed soaking wet, but I realized there is a small spot where the seam wasn't welded all the way so it was leaking- that's one negative about TjMaxx, sometimes the product is there because it's defective. I fixed it though so no big deal. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a small selection of Essie polishes sitting there. I don't own any Essie polish so I just grabbed this double pack which came with a free 3 way glaze mini. The colors are mod squad and it's in the bag. I paid just $7.99 for the pack and they had singles for $3.99. They also had some Essie lotions that smelled amazing. I could kick myself for not getting any. And I seen some Rescue Beauty Lounge shower gel, but it smelled kinda yucky.  I also got a pair of Betsey Johnson sunglasses that I forgot to take a picture of, a shirt, and some workout pants.I didn't take pictures of these because they're in my shower but I found a large 25 oz. bottle of Bed Head Brunette Goddess for $11.99, smells like caramel. This was a deal for the one as they run around twenty dollars on amazon, but if you want the 2 pack of shampoo and conditioner, amazon has it for around $23- in the 25 oz. I found a small bottle of Sexy Bath and Body in Pumpkin. I love the big sexy hair products and this is from the same makers and smells like a pumpkin pie! It really gets me in Halloween spirit. This bottle was just $4.99 and it runs around $10 everywhere else- so another deal! I hate the body wash I've been using, Caress Tahitian Renewal. It's not so much as the smell but more the formula. It feels watered down or something. I had bought it to try and when I ran out my boyfriend bought me the same kind again.  I might turn it into handsoap...I bought this for my favorite Aunt's birthday. I'm going to wrap it in the pink box from MPPB because it's so pretty and it'll be a good repurposing. I love Precious Moments and this one reminds me of my aunt so much because when I was younger I would go to her house and help in the gardens and yard. Also because I remember her taking me to this gift shop that had all these Precious Moments dolls and I was so amazed. I always wanted this one doll named Patty, she came with a goose.


Ok so I'm not a Hannah Montana although I won't deny watching an episode or two or like maybe a lot...But anyways, I've wanted a PSP for a while now but just never wanted to spend the money but when I found this purple one online last week I had to have it! My boyfriend bought it for me and it's so pretty. I can't wait for Little Big Planet to be released for it in November! My nail polish almost matched this when I got it. I was wearing Orly Cashmere Cardigan with Sinful Colors Purple Diamond layered over it. I'll do some swatches later on and post them. 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beauty By Pinky Nail Tutorials

I wanted to share these tutorials I found on YouTube. This girl makes these super cute nails look  so easy. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Pretty Pink Box!

Ok so I got my box yesterday! Yay! It wasn't exactly what I expected but I'm pleased either way. I didn't get any of that Totally Texty (I think that's the name of it) shampoo or conditioner and I thought there was a bottle of that in every box but I must have misunderstood. Here's what my box contained:
  • Kiss Everlasting French glue on nails in real short 
  • Revlon Fantasy Lengths self adhesive false lashes in defining
  • Nailene French Tip Pen in black
  • Orglamix mineral blush sample in allspice
  • Paint Fx pigment sample in silversham
  • Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate masque
  • Mark. Sophistique sample

A lot of these are products I never would have bought for myself but I'm really enjoying them. I put the nails on this morning, they are soooo pretty! Sometimes my nails get in bad shape due to my job and I can't keep a nice manicure, so these are a really good solution to that. They're not perfect, as you can kinda see the glue behind the nail bed. But it's not easily noticed unless you're looking real close. The kit includes 12 sizes, so it made it easy to find a match for each nail. I always see other people use these and I just haven't ever had luck with them because they fall off almost immediately and look so bad but these were easy to apply and the glue feels secure. The box states you can wear them for 7 days, I only plan on wearing mine til Friday so we'll see if they last til then. I really like these because I had a fresh manicure in under 5 minutes! I definitely plan on purchasing some of these nails.

Edit: The reason for the air pockets was because I didn't apply them right. I should have put glue on both the nail and my nail but I only put glue on my nail. They still look good but I'll know for next time. 

I also tried the chocolate masque this morning and it smells so yummy! I'm a big fan of chocolate and it was fun applying this to my face. It smelled and looked just like chocolate! I had to tell myself not to eat any. It says it's to relax and it was very relaxing. Plus it made my skin glow after I washed it off. I'd really like to try this mask again and maybe other mask by this same brand.

The Nailene pen I got is in black which will come in handy for Halloween. I tried it this morning on bare nails and it was really easy to apply. It says to use a top coat and I see why, when I washed my hands the polish washed right off. This was a good thing since I was only testing it and didn't want to keep it on, so it should be easy to experiment with this pen. It says it's for tips but you could do many designs. The tip is like a marker tip so it's completely goof proof, but if you do have trouble you can use tip guide stickers. 

I haven't tried my lashes yet but they look super easy to apply and are very natural looking. Dramatic but natural. It also includes more strips of self adhesive and an applicator in the box. The Orglamix blush is a nice warm color and comes in a good sized sample jar. The Paint Fx pigment sample is a beautiful silver color. Paint Fx also has a coupon included for one 7 gram pigment for just 1 penny. Kiss included a $1 off coupon for their nails. 

I really enjoyed my box! I actually even like the box it comes in. I know they started with another box and some people were disappointed with the change but this box is really nice and could be repurposed very easily. 

I can't wait for next months box and will definitely repurchase from My Pretty Pink Box again. If  you haven't gotten a box yet, there might be some left! Hurry! 

Also, Linda- the genius behind MPPB has started My Pretty Sample Bag where you can choose your bag size and what you receive. They have some great samples listed on the site, so be sure and check that out also!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Make It Big!

Here's a mascara I hadn't noticed from mark. til now. It's the make it big lash plumping mascara. I love the thought of this product for three reasons- 1. it's not one of those hookup things, I don't like those. I just want a single product, forget the gimmicks. 2. This looks like a dupe of my beloved Too Faced Lash Injection. 3. You can get it FREE! (full-sized! free gift is in black)

That's right, FREE! Use the promo code MAKEITBIG with any $10 mark. purchase from now til 10/1/09 at (value of $6.50)  

The coupon code - courtesy of the October issue of Cosmo- says for use only at but it works on also.

What they say about it on the website:

Build and lengthen lashes with this lightweight, smudge-proof formula that's paired with the super-sized brush.

It only comes in two colors-Espresso(brown) or Raven(black).

Most bang for you buck idea-

Right now you can buy a mark. flip for it in urban neutrals for $20 and get three mini brushes. Combine this with the free mascara code plus shopping with a Rep to get free shipping-and you get all this for just $20(plus applicable taxes). 

flip for it includes 2 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 4 lipglosses

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Pretty Pink Box

I ordered my first one this morning! Did you order one yet? If not, click here.

Update! It's September 6th and there are still some available. Usually these are sold out on the first day so be sure not to miss your chance and order one!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maybelline Great Lash Goes BIG!

Many of you might have seen the ads by now but for those who haven't...

The famous, well loved Maybelline Great Lash now has a version sporting a BIG brush. Here's what it claims-

Why You'll Love It
Live Big! Great Lash Big™ has a Bigger Brush for Great Big Live-It-Up Lashes! 
The Great Big Brush provides a bigger, bolder lash effect 
Great buildable formula still conditions as it thickens with even greater intensity 
No clumps or globs

I used the original Great Lash for a while and didn't like the brush but liked the formula so this is a must try for me next time I'm at a drugstore. You can find it at for only $5.99. So cheap! Plus, the pink and green tube is to die for.

Clumps Of Mascara didn't like this product so much- check out her review here.  

Plus, enter Maybelline's Live Big Win Big Sweepstakes by texting BIG to 49737 or by clicking here.

SweetShuGaHon Giveaway!

SweetShuGaHon is giving away the items of your choice from Mac Cosmetics!

You get to choose-

1 lipglass

1 lipstick

1 eyeshadow

1 blush

That's the best giveaway I've seen yet!

Here's my mini wish list of items..

lipstick in pervette

lipglass in nymphette

eyeshadow in stars n rockets

blush in well dressed

Go enter now @