Thursday, September 24, 2009

 I was over at Doe Deere earlier and found a link on her site to La Roux. OMG I'm in love with this music. All the songs this androgynous falsetto sings are wonderful! Very refreshing to hear something different in a world of the same. Her albums available now on itunes and is available everywhere else Sept. 29th.

Nail Designs

I had some extra fake nails left over and thought I'd try some designs out. Some didn't work out so well. All are three coats with Seche Vite topcoat except Essie Mid Squad has Essie 3way glaze as a topcoat. These are my Halloween themed ones. I love the jagged tip on the green one.  I used my Nailene French tip pen in black. The color I used was Sally Hansen InstaDri Lickity Split Lime. I love this color but it stains my nails so bad(even with every base I've tried) and the brush sucks. The left nail is Sinful Colors Cloud 9 and Art Deco black.

These are Christmas themed. From left to right- China Glaze Adore (amazing coverage in just one coat with this polish) topped with Jessica An Affair To Remember. The next one is L.A. Colors in Pink Crush (a red pink) topped with Art Deco silver glitter. And last is Jessica The Way You Look Tonight with Art Deco gold glitter for the tip. TWYLT should be called Ruby Slippers! So pretty!

Ignore my messed up nail art please. I posted this one to show you how similar Sinful Colors Forever Pink looks to my new Essie Mod Squad. Not an exact dupe as the sinful is lighter in real life. The Sinful doesn't compare at all to the formula of the Essie. I see what all the raves are about now. Love this polish! The tip of the left nail is Art Deco in baby pink and magenta.

So I wanted to show everybody my new phone! It's no blackberry or iPhone but I really like it and all I wanted was just a phone. I'm on gadget overload as is and the thing I use my phone most for anyways is the calculator. Swear. I hate talking on the phone. 

stock photo

My phone! <3


  1. I like your designs! What a good idea I might use my nails for that too lol. I like your phone it is really cute :)

  2. I don't know how I missed this post before... Your nail art is sooo cool! I think you did a great job. They are pretty and for some reason remind me of decorating easter eggs!!!

  3. Also- the green one- is it supposed to look like frankenstein (green face, black hair)? Maybe it is obvious and I'm thinking I am a smarty for pointing it out...! Anyway I especially love the Halloween ones. Good photography.

  4. I think your nail art is really good!

    Try ebay for the HK toast cutter maybe? Artbox do ship internationally but it'd be alot cheaper getting it in the USA if you can, good luck! x

  5. it is supposed to look like frankenstein haha! so glad someone caught that! I later got bored and painted a little kawaii looking face on it :) o and Lu thanks i'll be sure to check around ebay!