Saturday, September 19, 2009


Yay! I got my first tag from Lacquer Laine.

"10 facts about you"

It says I'm supposed to tell you lovely readers ten things about me and then tag ten other blogs. 

1. I don't have any pets or children, but I want both! :) 

2. I'm 5'1" tall. I grew about 2 inches after the age of 18, which I didn't even know until my dad made me measure myself insisting I was more than 5 feet tall.

3.  My favorite color is pink followed very closely by purple.

4. I can wiggle my ears.

5. I can't whistle but have tried as much as humanly possible.

6. I'm left handed but I'm right hand dominate.

7. I don't wear dresses or shorts but continue to buy them anyways. 

8. I ask alot of questions.

9. I'm a Gemini.

10. I love the rain. 

I tag...

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  1. I laughed so much when I read that you have tried so hard to whistle and you still can't! lol! awwwww! When I was trying to learn it was frustrating!

    Thanks for taggin' me! :)

  2. i can't whistle like normal people either! what i actually do is suck air in instead of blowing out. but you gotta suck in hard..haha and make sure your lips are still in that tiny "o" shape..try it!

  3. believe me i've tried! haha! maybe i'll look for a how to on youtube...

  4. aw thanks dear! i've done this one but thanks for thinking of me!! i'm a gemini too!