Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maybelline Great Lash Goes BIG!

Many of you might have seen the ads by now but for those who haven't...

The famous, well loved Maybelline Great Lash now has a version sporting a BIG brush. Here's what it claims-

Why You'll Love It
Live Big! Great Lash Big™ has a Bigger Brush for Great Big Live-It-Up Lashes! 
The Great Big Brush provides a bigger, bolder lash effect 
Great buildable formula still conditions as it thickens with even greater intensity 
No clumps or globs

I used the original Great Lash for a while and didn't like the brush but liked the formula so this is a must try for me next time I'm at a drugstore. You can find it at Drugstore.com for only $5.99. So cheap! Plus, the pink and green tube is to die for.

Clumps Of Mascara didn't like this product so much- check out her review here.  

Plus, enter Maybelline's Live Big Win Big Sweepstakes by texting BIG to 49737 or by clicking here.


  1. I don't like Maybelline mascara. I did enter the contest. Thanks for that. I use Lancome's Hypnose. Really makes my lashes thicker and longer.

  2. Hypnose is good Mascara. Everytime I find a mascara I really like, I end up losing the tube and can't rmemember what it was or they quit making it. I has some Hypnose but the kind I bought was black with chunky glitter in it, I don't know what I was thinking.

  3. I would love to try this mascara. I have the original Great Lash but again, i hate the brush, it's so tiny, lol.

    I really like ur blog, it's really interesting :)