Saturday, September 19, 2009

TjMaxx Haul and New Toy

I love TjMaxx and finding deals, here's some of the stuff I got...I got the cutest little notebook to carry around with me  cause I'm always thinking of something I need to do or get and never have anything handy to write it down on and eventually I always forget. Now I won't! I was so happy to find this trio of little Korres body butters. I've bought Korres products from TjMaxx before and really love the products but not their retail prices- I got this for just $6.99- right now it's listed on for $24.50! It comes with Quince, Fig, and Guava. I found these Betsey Johnson ankle socks in the color purple, 6 pairs for $6.99- that's Walmart pricing! Haha! The retail tag says $65.00, now I'm a Betsey lover but no way am  paying $65 for some socks! I found this wallet I've seen on a couple of website for around 20 bucks for just $4.99. I really like this wallet because it's small and sturdy and cute enough to just carry around with you by itself. I also found a pink zebra hairbrush. I wouldn't proclaim myself as a zebra print fan but I guess I should because I always end up buying zebra print stuff. I am a cupcake fanatic though, so when I seen this cupcake candle with sprinkles on top I had to have it, it smells so yummy. The sprinkles look so real but I thought surely they must be wax right? My boyfriend was like- no they're real- and ate one! *Gasp* Turns out he was right- they are real! Haha! Stale but real. I now see why though- when the candle burns, they don't melt! I also got this water bottle with a skull and rose on it, I'm not a skull fan but I love the pink and black. When I used it the first time I was thinking wow this bottle sweats a lot because the bottle stayed soaking wet, but I realized there is a small spot where the seam wasn't welded all the way so it was leaking- that's one negative about TjMaxx, sometimes the product is there because it's defective. I fixed it though so no big deal. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a small selection of Essie polishes sitting there. I don't own any Essie polish so I just grabbed this double pack which came with a free 3 way glaze mini. The colors are mod squad and it's in the bag. I paid just $7.99 for the pack and they had singles for $3.99. They also had some Essie lotions that smelled amazing. I could kick myself for not getting any. And I seen some Rescue Beauty Lounge shower gel, but it smelled kinda yucky.  I also got a pair of Betsey Johnson sunglasses that I forgot to take a picture of, a shirt, and some workout pants.I didn't take pictures of these because they're in my shower but I found a large 25 oz. bottle of Bed Head Brunette Goddess for $11.99, smells like caramel. This was a deal for the one as they run around twenty dollars on amazon, but if you want the 2 pack of shampoo and conditioner, amazon has it for around $23- in the 25 oz. I found a small bottle of Sexy Bath and Body in Pumpkin. I love the big sexy hair products and this is from the same makers and smells like a pumpkin pie! It really gets me in Halloween spirit. This bottle was just $4.99 and it runs around $10 everywhere else- so another deal! I hate the body wash I've been using, Caress Tahitian Renewal. It's not so much as the smell but more the formula. It feels watered down or something. I had bought it to try and when I ran out my boyfriend bought me the same kind again.  I might turn it into handsoap...I bought this for my favorite Aunt's birthday. I'm going to wrap it in the pink box from MPPB because it's so pretty and it'll be a good repurposing. I love Precious Moments and this one reminds me of my aunt so much because when I was younger I would go to her house and help in the gardens and yard. Also because I remember her taking me to this gift shop that had all these Precious Moments dolls and I was so amazed. I always wanted this one doll named Patty, she came with a goose.


Ok so I'm not a Hannah Montana although I won't deny watching an episode or two or like maybe a lot...But anyways, I've wanted a PSP for a while now but just never wanted to spend the money but when I found this purple one online last week I had to have it! My boyfriend bought it for me and it's so pretty. I can't wait for Little Big Planet to be released for it in November! My nail polish almost matched this when I got it. I was wearing Orly Cashmere Cardigan with Sinful Colors Purple Diamond layered over it. I'll do some swatches later on and post them. 

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