Monday, June 29, 2009

Get Your Sweet Fix!

My Sweet Fix is also having a giveaway! Yay for free stuff! Here's what she's giving away-

Click Here To Enter

Beauty Credit Greentea Yellow Soil Mousse Pack and Lipgloss (good dupe for MAC Dazzleglass)
Lush soap in Snowcake
Half of the full size jar of MAC Mutiny Pigment
French Manicure Set which includes the following:
*Top Coat
* Base Coat
* Nail Hardener
*French White Nail Polish
* French Pink Nail Polish
* Nail Decals (for that added jazz on your classic french manicure)
+ A Surprise MAC product and other makeup/skincare related items

Contest ends July 9th so be sure to enter!

Want more giveaways???

Check out Contests and Such!

NancyLauren's feeling generous!

NancyLauren is having a giveaway on her blog. It's really simple to enter, just click here.

Here's the loot-

Hello Kitty mini nail kit, earrings, 2 MAC sample pigments in circa plum and vanilla, lancome lipstick in vintage rose, lancome mini definicils HD mascara, lancome mini booster xl mascara base, 2 lancome sample packet of Primordiale serum/moisturizer, lancome leopard makeup bag + more extra goodies.

Hello kitty mini nail set, earrings, 2 Rimmel eyeshadow duos and a pink makeup bag + more extra goodies!

I'm such a sucker for anything Hello Kitty or free!

P.S. I hope to be doing my own giveaway soon, so keep a look out!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

See Jane Run

I'm not sure if Jane Cosmetics is going under or what but my local Walgreens has had their entire Jane section on clearance for a while now and it's almost sold out. I went to Walgreens to buy Milani's Runway shadow compact in Haute Couture. No luck, they only have the coordinating color palettes, pink, blue, green...So just when I thought no eyeshadow for me I seen the Jane stand and took a look. I found at the bottom this Jane Eye Zing Eye Mixers Eye Shadow Compact. It's the Angel 04 palette and I picked it up for only $4. Not bad. You can pick one up on for just $6.99, still a steal. These aren't amazingly pigmented, but not the worst either. You get eight colors which are all from the original eye zing collection, a mirror and two applicators which you can throw out as soon as you open. I have nothing against sponge tipped applicators but these just don't do it. Overall for the price, this palette is definitely a buy! 

Latest Lacquer

I ran across a sale at Sally's with polishes for $2.99, so I picked up China Glaze's Adore and Orly's Cashmere Cardigan. I love both, even though I didn't think I'd like adore. The Cashmere Cardigan is a lavender/periwinkle color like I've been looking for, it looks better on my toes though. I'm still searching for that perfect lavender color so anyone with suggestions feel free to leave a comment.

I'm so happy I stopped at a Dollar General for some things cause I found me some LA Colors Art Deco polishes! For a dollar! Yay! Here's my look from yesterday jazzed up with the Art Deco in black.


So I ordered a few things from LoveLeeSoaps off Etsy. I really regret not getting those chicken wings! For those who don't know who LoveLee is, Click Here to see all her amazing soaps. So here's what I got-

From left to right, Mini Icecream Whipped Body Butters in vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. A Cupcake Soap in strawberry! And some Soap On The Go in strawberry melon shea butter. My order included a cute little yellow bottle shaped soap as a gift. You can tell she really puts her heart into these things. 

These Mini Icecream Whipped Body Butters are by far my favorite and I can promise you I will be ordering some full sized butters! These are "try it" sizes, I ordered them first cause I didn't know what to expect. I love being able to try something small first, and try several different varieties. They are packed to the top though, so you really get your money's worth. I paid $3.75 for all three. The formula on these is really thick but not when you apply them. They go on like really airy, leaving you moisturized but not sticky and grimy like I know a lot of body butters do. The smell is amazing and lingers but is not overwhelming at all. I couldn't stop smelling myself, the smell is so yummy! You can also get 4oz for $4 or 8oz For $7 with fragrances like coconut creme, cookie, and cherry limeade! 

My Strawberry Swirl Cupcake Soap was everything I imagined! I love anything cupcake, and had been eyeing this soap for a minute. It also smells yummy, I had to remind myself not to eat it. My only regret is that I didn't wait cause she now has a box set (in an adorable box!) of 4 different colored cupcakes. I hope she keeps making these! My cupcake was $4.50 which is a steal if you look at some of the other available cupcake soaps on Etsy.

I also picked up the Soap On The Go for $4 out of curiosity. It's in strawberry melon so the scent is not the same as the other strawberry scent, which I was glad of. Her scents are so distinct and different, she really knocks some of the big name bath and body retailers out of the water. The soap took a little getting used but after working with it, I figured it out. I don't know how convenient it really is but it sure is an interesting idea. I think it'd be great if she made these with some sort of solid lotion in them.

My overall experience with LoveLeeSoaps was great and I would recommend this Etsy Shop to anyone wanting fun quality bath and body products!

Yellows are super hard!

I finally got my hand on a bottle of yellow-ish nail polish and now I see why everyone complains about yellows! It does suck applying it! They look like crap but the outcome still makes me happy. They are highlighter yellow. So bright! 

Sinful Colors

Neon Melon

P.s. If anyone has tried any of the Sinful Colors makeup please me know!

Hello Kitty and Eyebrows!

So here's what I got from the Mac sale. I know it's only 2 items but I'm cheap and these are the 2 things I really wanted(ok I wanted the Hello Kitty e/s quad in Too Dolly also but didn't have the cashflow :(...). So I got the lipstick in Strayin', MY FIRST MAC LIPSTICK! I must have Snob next! I just dunno how the color would look on me. I'm very fair and this color Strayin' looks right on me, I'm not a lipstick gal cause they can just overwhelm my whole face but I really like this. Plus, it last really well, Mac is worth the price huh? The only other lipstick I've ever been attached to was Clinique Sugared Grapefruit and it never would stay. This sticks! And goes PERFECT with my Fusion Lipgloss in Kiss. I also got the beauty powder in Pretty Baby. Although I had read all the reviews and seen all the swatches, I understood it is not a blush, but it was still not what I expected. None the less- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. I been in the mirror just laying it on, and the best part is as pale as I am, I can't over do this stuff! Love it! I'm now kicking myself for not being into this from the beginning, and buying ever hello kitty item released! I will know better next time! I'm saving for the Graphic Garden collection being released July 17th. I just hope it doesn't sell out first, because Nordstrom is taking pre-orders! Here's what I want:

I have no Mac brushes so of course I want a brush bag- the shape and define one! It's $49.50 and includes SE of the 187, 168, 194, 212, 275 and a bag for it all. I REALLY want this. I think I can live without the other set though.

I also want the Graphic Garden palette, I love all the eyeshadow colors and since I also have no Mac eyeshadows (OMG it's horrible I know!) I think these colors will make a nice introductory.

My biggest wish on the list is the Look in a Box- in Sweet Tease- which will include Shell Pearl beauty powder, Gleam and Mulch eyeshadow, Love Nectar lustreglass, trial size of black Zoomlash, and a promotional sized 181 brush!

Anyways-here I am wearing my Mac Hello Kitty Items. I decided the lipstick was pretty enough that I wouldn't wear any eyeshadow but I did watch a tutorial for eyebrows over at Memoirs of a Shopping Addict and did the tricks she talks about here. She has an amazing tip for your eyebrows using concealer. Absolute genuis

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted, my computer caught a nasty virus and I had some other stuff going on. I'm back now though and I have lots of things to post starting tomorrow! I ordered some stuff from LoveLeeSoaps and I ordered a couple of things (literally 2) from the Mac Sumo Sale. Did any of you guys order anything from the sale?? It was my first actual Mac purchase. I've had some foundation and I currently use some Mac powder but all those things were ordered off Ebay. I have a feeling I'm going to become Mac addicted! Also- I found a local dollar store that sells LA Colors! I got a few bottles of the Art Deco polishes, so I'll be posting some looks with them! You'll hear from me soon! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just For Kicks

Wmns Nike Court Force High Easter Bunny

(Dream) Shoe Of The Day

          These Alexander Mcqueen heels have been marked down drastically from $929.00 to $743.00. Sadly I still cannot afford them.

          You craving Barbie feet also? Can't shell out that kinda of cash either? No fear! With the help of one pair from, you too can have fresh pink feet for no more than $100! Promise!The highest heel (hottie) $55.00

These are jawdropping! I love everything about them. They look like they would cost much more than this price tag, and that's a five inch heel if I'm not mistaken. 

Nine West (rocha) $69.00

Nine West really can make a cute shoe when they put their mind to it! Here's another example of that...Nine West (vishni) $78.95

RSVP (meagan) $85.00

I love the pink and gold color combo.Pleaser USA s(educe 420) $48.00

Ignore the name! These look like they should be one inch long and plastic. Adorable.Promiscuous (playfulness) $98.10

Right at the top of the budget, these look totally worth the price.Report (alix) $59.99 

From, this same pair list for over $100 on more popular sites. Unfortunately, neither shows them being modeled which I'd love to see.

                     Still Craving Mcqueen? Then steal his style with these pink soled pumps!Promiscuous (especial) $55.00


Monday, June 15, 2009

HyperLuxe Giveaway!

Get pampered witht these Borghese nail care products! I hope I win, but if I don't, I hope you win! Good luck! Enter here 

Shoe Of The Day

$49.99 on sale now! (was $79.99)

If you haven't noticed by now, I love colorful shoes, and right now I'm so in love with these shoes! Hopefully they'll be mine soon! If you're not feeling the pretty palette, they come in tan also! Check em out at

Burger Queen

Speaking of cupcakes from my last post, I just wanted to say if you haven't been to Bakerella's site by now, you must go! She has just posted the most amazing hamburger cupcake/brownies with sugar cookie fries. It's a must see!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shade the sun for less!

While looking for some deals on shades, I found many but I also found some really AWESOME sites! Here's a look.

I've never been to this site, but they have some amazing deals on really cute sunglasses. These are all $12 each!

Also, while most of their purses don't appeal to me, they have one style that makes the cut. It comes in a million colors, but purple is sold out. $50.00 (shown in pewter)

I knew of this site but just haven't ever went and looked around and now I am so mad I didn't! They have some really cute shades with prices so low I won't cry when my boyfriend sits on them!$9.99 for style above and below$5.99! for that Jackie-O look.

Also, they have the cutest jewelry ever with the same low prices!$3.99$4.99$6.99 (these make me wanna forget Juicy!)

Plus too much more to show- robots, spaceships, pineapples, and smoking lips!) You must check this site out!

I've been to this site many times to drool, but it's been a while and I'm going to right back into my old habits. Check out their shades!$11 these sunglasses have my name all over them!$11 You can't go wrong with  these classic aviators!$4.99 on sale! 

But the best thing I find on this site wasn't the sunglasses or the bacon bandaids or even the Will Ferrell tanning lotion...yes the Will Ferrell. It was the GIANT CUPCAKE MOLD! It's kinda steep at $40 but imagine all of Bakerella's teeny tiny cupcakes surrounding this one giant cupcake! I'm at a loss for words...

Burn My Eyes Pink

That's what this should be called. Oddly enough, this bright florescent pink is labeled Cream Pink. Not quite right, but ok. As you can see in the picture, it goes on looking nothing like the bottle. I used three coats and topped it off with Seche Vite top coat. The Seche really makes these $2 polishes pop.

                                  Sinful Colors in Cream Pink 

Friday, June 12, 2009

Shoe Of The Day

Nike Air Max TL 2.5

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shoe Of The Day

I know alot of people won't like my shoe of the day, but what can I say? Imma sucker for Birkenstocks  and anyone who can make a good replica. These are super comfy and imho very stylish and cute.

Madden Girl Birk in Black Croc

Speaking of a good knock-off, check out Michael Kors take on the Birkenstock over at for just under $96.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cloud 9

Here's Sinful Color's Cloud 9. It's a little brighter and a little more orange than this in person but this is the best picture I could get. Sorry my nails look horrible! I need to work on my skills. This is with 3 coats and Seche Vite top coat.

Shoe Of The Day

Nike Air Jordan Fusion 6

Zack Morris Lives

Friday, June 5, 2009

HyperLuxe Weekend Roundup

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Seen On TV
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MakeupMasala discovers a new dream cream to pamper your face. 

Vanessa Hudgens looked gorgeous at the MTV Movie Awards. Seen on Star Style Central

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