Saturday, June 27, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted, my computer caught a nasty virus and I had some other stuff going on. I'm back now though and I have lots of things to post starting tomorrow! I ordered some stuff from LoveLeeSoaps and I ordered a couple of things (literally 2) from the Mac Sumo Sale. Did any of you guys order anything from the sale?? It was my first actual Mac purchase. I've had some foundation and I currently use some Mac powder but all those things were ordered off Ebay. I have a feeling I'm going to become Mac addicted! Also- I found a local dollar store that sells LA Colors! I got a few bottles of the Art Deco polishes, so I'll be posting some looks with them! You'll hear from me soon! 


  1. Glad your back. Aren't computer viruses nasty!?

  2. yes they are! and the virus i caught luckily wasn't malicious but it was the virus which gives you "personal antivirus" and it keeps popping up lying to you saying you have a virus or worm that you don't really have. it just wants you to buy the software. my regular antivirus wouldn't get rid of it. I had to use antimalware.