Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yellows are super hard!

I finally got my hand on a bottle of yellow-ish nail polish and now I see why everyone complains about yellows! It does suck applying it! They look like crap but the outcome still makes me happy. They are highlighter yellow. So bright! 

Sinful Colors

Neon Melon

P.s. If anyone has tried any of the Sinful Colors makeup please me know!


  1. I like that color, super bright :D

  2. I've never tried their makeup so I can't help you there. I love their nail polish. I love yellow nails. Every brand I think is troublesome. The Sinful is pretty bright and cute. Looks adorable on you. How many coats did you use?

  3. It took four and I layed it on thick! Plus a base and two top coats. But it lasted me two days with no chips which is rare for me, polish (regardless of brand or basecoat/topcoat) always starts chipping my first day of wear.