Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cloud 9

Here's Sinful Color's Cloud 9. It's a little brighter and a little more orange than this in person but this is the best picture I could get. Sorry my nails look horrible! I need to work on my skills. This is with 3 coats and Seche Vite top coat.


  1. I love Sinful Colors. Looks just like the color of an orange. Nice! It's nice to see some short nail bloggers. I really admire the beauty of long nails. I just don't and can't grow them. My nails are about the same length as yours. I'm just reading your blog for the first time. Caught you on Brooke's blog. Welcome!

  2. Thank you for the welcome! Yea I noticed everyones nails look like they're on steriods, I dunno how they do it. Mine break at work even if I do grow them, so short is best for me.