Friday, October 23, 2009

Wow Barielle!

With all the technology today, I sometimes forget how easily other people (or companies) can find out what we're talking about. I posted my bottle of Barielle earlier which had a small defect-just so you know the color is to die for and Imma post some pics when I get a chance! Anyways, I got an email first thing this morning from Adam Pollock part of their customer service team and he said, "Dear “Sparkingpinkgorilla”,That should never happen…Send your address to me and we’ll ship you out a new one.We stand behind our products." Wow. I didn't expect that! I hear bloggers and beauty product junkies complain about various companies all the time and never get any response. Anyways, i mailed Adam Pollock back and asked him if they would mind if I used the replacement bottle in a giveaway since mines still usable and he said......(drumroll please).......Yes! That they will send a couple of different ones for the giveaway! Yay! So I'm announcing my upcoming giveaway. I'll post an official post about it when the polishes arrive. I've been collecting some stuff for one and just been waiting for when I had some extra polish to put in the group.

I just wanted to let you all know this. I thought it was quite amazing since I had a small order from them (unfortunately) and I have a small blog but apparently even the "little person" matters in their book! :)

O and I wanted to say wow at their packaging my order came in. I could have sat on the box and nothing would have broke. 

You can order Barielle polishes and treatments from where the polishes are buy 2 get 1 free and they include samples in every order. You can also go to and click the link on her blog. I had forgot to do this when I ordered and she's the main reason I ordered them in the first place with her amazing swatches. 


  1. Aw~
    Such a heart warming story to read :)
    Wish some other companies would step up in their CS game as well~
    Anyway great happy ending!

  2. I know! I can't believe it. Usually I get horrible results from any kind of customer service so I stopped even trying a long time ago.

  3. Way to go Barielle! ... Altough I'm still a little peeved at them for not sending me a new sticker for the bottom of my Get Mauving (it came with nothing on it), even though I emailed & asked really nice =(

  4. that sounds really nice of them .. some companies are awful to deal with (ps, i'm loving that color!)

  5. @colette yea that does suck. people hold on to polishes for years and we can't be expected to remember the name.
    @fashion court I'm loving it too! Lots of depth. It's purple, then it's burgundy, sometimes brown, other times black.