Thursday, October 22, 2009

365 Days Of Polish?!

i found a really neat blog while googling some random nail swatches. It's called and the girl in charge of it has committed to wearing a different shade of polish every day for a year. I know this sounds like nothing after reading All Lacquered Up and Scrangie's blog where they're constantly swatching whole collections of nail polish but for us mere mortals I find this an achievement. I got to admit as much as I love nails and love polish, I hate the task of doing my nails. I know I couldn't do it every day! Not to mention my boyfriend might think I was crazy if I had 365 bottles of polish stashed around the house...I'm slowly trying to bring him around though :) 

Anyways- go check out her blog, I can't believe she only has 9 followers!

P.S. she's on day 52 if you're wondering

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  1. that's awesome! my nails will now live vicariously through her lol