Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Sometimes last week I was over at and seen a code for another Zoya promo posted on the nail boards so I hurried over to and loaded my buggy with the three polishes that came to my mind as a want and clicked order. I wasn't sure if it would work, I mean three free amazing polishes? (just pay shipping?) Well I guess so! I received my polishes in the mail Thursday. These are my first Zoya polishes and I love them! I got one from the winter glitters, one from the winter mattes, and one I've had my eye on for a while. I love all three. I can see why they're giving these away now. They know once you try them you'll be hooked. I got Harlow(which is missing from the picture), Barbie and Nova. I want to paint all my shoes with Nova haha!

I've been messing with makeup all morning, trying to see what I'm going to do tonight. The makeup doesn't show up at all in these crappy pictures, it's so much more dramatic in person. Plus my hair is frizzy but the tutorial I used off of said not to use any hair product...if you want to see the most amazing curls ever go here. I wish I would get mine to look like hers! 

I still haven't decided for sure if I'm even going to dress up but if I do I'll try and get better pics. 

Happy Halloween everybody! Have a safe night!

And thanks to everyone entering the contest so far! I love reading the polish ideas!


  1. okay, first of all i am a TOTAL spaz because i didn't realize you tagged me in one of those ten random thing..things :P haha i def want to fill that out!

    your makeup looks awesome! i don't think i'm dressing up this for some reason i'm like mehhh about it. happy halloween!

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