Friday, October 2, 2009

Starry Sky

I was contacted by Nailene Last week and they said they asked if I'd like some products to review. Well I love free stuff and nail stuff so I said of course! I didn't expect so much but they were really generous and it all came like a birthday present in a pretty purple bag with tissue paper. I was so excited to open it all! Here's what I got-

I tried the Acrylic Strong topcoat with some of the bedazzle decals first. The topcoat had a nice shine and dried fairly fast although the formula seemed thin. It could be that I'm just used to Seche being so thick. I really like the bottle design. It's frosted glass which makes it easy to hold on to and the shape feels comfortable to hold. The decals were easy to apply and seem really secure- especially with the topcoat over them. 

So after messing with the decals, I took them off because I couldn't wait to try the Couture nails on. 

These were easy to apply and I didn't get many bubbles at all. Plus I put decals on top to hide any flaws. I love the blue sparkly tips!

What I like about them:

  • Affordable 
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Seemed not to have as many bubbles
  • Fun design
  • Bubbled arch (I don't naturally have one but these give me one-which I like)
  • No commitment (No going to the salon to maintain these. If I want nails, I just pop some on in the comfort of my own home and when I'm done I can remove them at home.)
  • Looks as good as salon nails

What I dislike:

  • While I found a good match for most of my nails, there was the one nail that I couldn't match well.
  • No matter what there are always bubbles.
  • These didn't seem to hold as well as the other nails I've used. This isn't totally a bad thing though, because this nail design isn't something I'd want for more than the weekend. 

Overall I really like these regardless of the cons. I was surprised these are made by the same company that makes Revlon's because I did not like the Revlon ones. I tried applying those and they turned out horrible so then I tried removing them which was even worse. I can't wait to try the other nails I received and will be doing reviews on them also.

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  1. These are really pretty on you. I like the design. They sure were generous! Very nice.