Friday, October 23, 2009

Just A Cheap Shirt

I wanted to show you all my Miley shirt! I've really been enjoying it, it's really comfy and casual. A good $12 spent. My boyfriend washed it for me on accident and I'm not sure if he used hot water or what but I got some black bleeding around the cuff of one sleeve. Luckily you can't see it when I'm wearing it though. O and my brother asked me if I was pregnant while wearing it... haha!  I stumbled across this shirt at for $60, so anyone interested in a higher quality version could look here. The name of it is Just A Cheap Shirt yellow plaid flannel western shirtdress... Haul

I decided to try this Philosophy On A Clear Day kit($65 on even though the reviews everywhere are iffy. I wanted to try it because I'm tired of benzoyl peroxide which makes my skin dry and flaky and has made all my washcloths, towels, and pillowcases look like I went on a bleach spree.  I used it today and even though it smells really really bad, it made my skin feel really good. Hopefully this is a good sign. They included a four pack of the microdelivery peel and I LOVED it. My skin actually felt plumper if this makes any sense. And so soft!

(from left to right) Oil-free Foaming Acne Cleanser, Oil-free All Over Acne Treatment, Oil-free Acne Spot Treatment, Retinol Clarifying Lotion( retinol makes me nervous :s)I haven't used these since they first came out , I was early teens and didn't even have blackheads! I can't wait to see how they do now.These sheets are small so you might need several but they do suck up the oil and make skin matte! I got this for headaches but as an added bonus it helps relieve eye puffiness! Just pop it in the freezer to chill.


  1. i totally have a full shopping basket but have not checked out at! Let us know how the philosophy acne line works for you. I bought a kit maybe 4 years ago and didn't really see any results, but their line has changed since then. I'd be especially curious about the retinol cream- I was thinking of getting philosophy's help me since I had good results with retin a micro (rx only) but I am thinking of trying a much cheper retinol cream from alpha hydrox... The micro delivery peel is awesome! I feel you on the B.P. woes--- I refuse to use it after years of torture with little results!

  2. I so do that with the shopping cart all the time! Everywhere. If this kit doesn't work I plan on trying the makeup optional kit for congested skin. That one has better reviews...kinda. I got my boyfriend some DDF face wash so I might just end up stealing that haha! I heard the Help Me is really good and much stronger than this cream and everyone raves about it.