Friday, October 23, 2009

Iron Fist Shoes: Halloween Ideas

I ran across this brand of shoes I never heard of before called Iron Fist (they make clothes also). I can't believe the designs...or the prices! These would be perfect for Halloween!

Going as Dorothy?These are perfect for the land of Oz! And the heels are striped black and white! <3 $32.99

Zombie Shoes!Omg these are amazing! $39.99

Not a heels type of Girl?

I don't know where these are from but I'll do some more googling and update if I find them. I love the bows on the side!


  1. i have no idea where i'd go with them, but i ADORE those zombie shoes

  2. I know! These are like guilty pleasures or something. I could really see the flats with a plain tee and some cute jeans though.