Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cardi Coats for $20

Old Navy is having a sale on cardi coats this week and after seeing the commercial a million and one times I decided to go see what they had. I looked on the website first and picked out a purple/maroon one. When I got there that color wasn't in my size so I ended up gettingone in gray. I have to say these are really a deal at $20- they were orginally around $44. They look exactly like they do on the website and are so thick and comfy! I can't wait for cold weather so I can start wearing mine. I got this one in gray. I really loved this color but I didn't want to get one too big. $20The sleeves on this one kinda freak me out but I love everything else about it. $20 Here's a shorter version but I seen this style in a long version also. Plus there's several colors to choose from in all the styles. $20I didn't see this one at my store but I really like this one. It's a little more expensive but still cheap at $29.50.


  1. i love old navy ... they always have the best basics. my favorite from the store are these booties that look like uggs - perfect for the winter :o)

    ps i answered your questions on my blog! xo

  2. ugh i asbolutely hate those commercials! i work there so i have to hear the stupid "modelquinns" talking all day lol. but i agree, some of the coats are really great! i bought 2 of the boyfriend cardigans for like $25 each and i loove them. you know that second picture is really reminding me of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast haha

  3. giselle-omg the candlestick! haha! yea it does look like him huh?
    fashion court-thanks! imma go check them out now.