Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Beauty Must Haves

In no particular order...

Baby Doll by YvesSaintLaurent

I love this perfume- my favorite used to be Ralph by Ralph Lauren but when I first smelled this, it was love! It's a must have. I want the four different colored minis so bad.

Too Faced Lash Injection

I love this mascara cause it's all you need.

Too Faced Lip Injection   

I originally had this in Techno Buff which was so pretty. I don't reach for this nearly as often but it's still a must-have.

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

This topcoat is AMAZING. I can use the crappiest polish, apply it horribly, put this on top and still get compliments. They should call it Nail Salon in a Bottle.

Revlon Colorstay Makeup

I really like this, it hasn't given me any issues and matches me perfect. It's not as good coverage as everyone says, but it's probably just my lack of skills at applying. I still love it. Best foundation ever, plus cheap. I apply with disposable wedge sponges. 

Nivea Men Sensitive Lotion

I ran out of moisturizer one day so I used my boyfriend's. Omg, why can't I find this in a female version. Usually face lotions make me all red and blotchy after applying, but this one never does. I love it and yes i use this daily. I'm still looking for a female version though. This contains chamomile and has no scent. Love. Before this I was using a Neutrogena face lotion and had tried some Weleda lotions, I hated both. I used to use Clinique moisturizing lotion and was using moisture surge (which I loved) but still has dry patches on my oily skin. I still have dry patches but I can manage better with this. Plus, it's sooo cheap, like $6 and some change.

Maybelline Eyelash Curler

I got this at a dollar tree with a lash comb and I really like it because it's simple. I think I'm ready to try some more grown up curlers, but if they don't work- I'll still have this one to fall back on.

Mac Beauty Powder Blush in On A Mission

I am reallly loving my first Mac Blush. I love it! I can't wait to buy more. Well Dressed- here I come!

Lancome Petite Boheme Illuminating Powder in 03 Faerylite

I picked this up at a TJMaxx for like $8! I love it, so pretty. This is a picture I jacked off of google though, I'll have to swatch it when I get a chance. 

Juicy Couture Perfume

My second favorite perfume. Smells like gardenia. I have to admit I totally bought it for the bottle but I got lucky and loved the scent. And the bottle is huge! Will last me forever. 

Jane Be Pure Mineral Concealer in Green

I got this cause I needed a green concealer and it was cheap. It's no miracle by any means but sometimes I really am so glad to have it. 

Essence Of Beauty Kabuki Brush

My first kabuki! It's so soft and works like a dream. Not bad for a drugstore brush, not that I'd have any comparisons...

Covergirl LipSlicks LipGloss

This product is good in any color, it's just one of those things really good to have. I think I'll always keep one in my makeup drawer, it was my first ever lip product! 

Clinique Color Surge Eyeshadow in SugarBerry

This color is no longer with us but I still have it and love it. This is my perfect eyeshadow color, any suggestions for a dupe? I don't think Clinique shadows ever get enough credit but they are so pigmented and buttery soft. My favorite used to be Serenity, a silver color. 

Bag Balm

I'm so loving this. The can is huge and the balm is a miracle. Put it on lips, cuticles, elbows, feet, cuts and scrapes. It's a do all.

Avon Rounded Eyeshadow Brush

This brush was cheap, like two dollars, and seems to work pretty good. I'll probably edit this when I get my ELF haul though and tell you what utter crap this is, haha!

Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift

It's not working as good as it did initially but if I skip using it for a few days and start back, the miracle product kicks back in. I like it better than anything else I've found so far, although my bags are no where near gone. Very moisturizing also, so even if you don't have bags/wrinkles- this is a must try.

Avon Magix

I didn't know if I liked this at first and also tried the chaffing gel. This works just as good! Plus it has spf and you can get it cheap- especially during a sale. It doesn't last and last, but I'm not sure any primer does. 

Anastasia Brows In Bloom

Picked this up for like $5 at TJMaxx and it really makes eyebrows look so groomed, even when you skip a few days(weeks) of plucking. It included wax, highlighter, and 2 brow powders. The powders I don't like, they're so dark. They don't look that dark in the compact but go on very dark. The wax and highlighter are the real gems. The highlighting cream makes you have an instant brow lift.

Lancome Colr Fever Gloss in Mesmeric

Ilove this pinky nude shade, it's so good by itself or with a lipstick. It lasts really good and is just the perfect gloss period. I got it for around $8 at TJMaxx and this is a limited edition shade that was only available at Nordstrom but when I run out I will buy another Lancome Color Fever Gloss even if I have to pay retail. 


  1. I love Clinique eye shadow. I just recently got a gift with purchase. There was an eye shadow palette in it. The colors were neutrals and their fantastic. I love the texture of them and how pigmented they are.

  2. I love their gift with purchases! I wish MAC did that.