Friday, August 21, 2009

Elf Haul (pic heavy)

Ok so I got my e.l.f. haul on Thursday, it wasn't due til Friday but came on Wednesday and I missed it. This is all stuff from the 75% off code and I did it when it was free shipping but the code didn't work on eyeshadows or blushes so unfortunately I don't have any of those...yet. I do however, absolutely love everything I got! And I might change my mind on that whole not buying from them again. I did have another item missing from this order, the translucent powder. Again, they charged the full amount. I wonder if this is how they're making money... Anyways, I contacted them again, got a nicer person, she said I'd be credited, still have not been credited... I dunno- I'm not real worried since I got all this stuff (24 items) for $18.75!!! 

Here it is...

clockwise from left complexion brush, blush brush, fan brush, concealer brush, the dome brush, eyeshadow "c" brush, small angled brush, small precision brush, small smudge brush, 2 makeup remover cleansing cloths, 2 eyelash curlers, mini eyelash curler, waterproof lengthening and volumizing mascara, golden bronzer, contouring blush and bronzing powder, 2 eyebrow kits (one in light one in medium), hollywood lash kit, undereye concealer and highlighter, concealer pencil and brush, eyebrow lifter and filler, lip definer and shaper

I haven't tried and won't be trying this mascara because it's a gift for someone, as is some of the other stuff. I looked at it a bit though and it seems pretty average, except the awkwardly long handle which I had already heard about on youtube. Looks like liquid liner. 

This is also a gift for someone but I'm having to try hard to resist keeping it for myself. It's just so pretty and sparkly. It also looks like it would be light enough for my fair skin.

It's only been a couple of weeks since my last haul but they're already changing stuff. The wipes on the left are the new and it seems improved version. The wipes on the right are the ones I got in my last haul. The new ones have a small metal grommet(?) for probably hanging on a rack at stores. Good idea since most stores don't have actual e.l.f. displays and instead just throw the stuff on hooks. The most noticeable change is that the old ones were 3.2" x 3.8" while the new ones are much larger at 7" x 7". Yes, twice as large basically! I really like these, they're cheap, really work, and come in nice/functional packaging. 

EDIT- Even though the packages state different sizes- these are exactly the same size!

I got nine brushes, I already had the powder brush so now the only one I'm missing is the angled foundation brush. I don't know why I didn't get it. I really like all these brushes. The smaller ones came in that foil ziploc type packaging which I really like better than the plain e.l.f. plastic ones. All the brushes smelled sneakers...but that went away in them when I washed them- except in the powder brush from last time-it smells even worse it seems. I can't compare these with any expensive brushes because I don't own any but they all seem like decent brushes. I haven't tried all of them yet so I'll update if anything goes terribly wrong or anything. I've had a little shedding, nothing major. I think these are really worth the $3, I'd probably even pay more for some of them.

The complexion brush is soooooo soft. I'm kinda wondering if it will apply anything seeing just how soft it is... It's a good size, now too big to still use with blush, not too small for face powder. The blush brush is my favorite so far! I love the way it looks and feels. It's quite smaller than I thought but I can work with it. It's got a nice pointed edge for getting in the hallows of your cheeks. I like how the handle is the same width all the way down. 

This is the studio eyeshadow "c" brush verses the e.l.f. one below it verses an older e.l.f. one below that. The studio one is shorter, wider, longer and denser than both of the others. I thought I liked shorter handles on brushes but this brush makes me think I like the longer handles.

This is the dome brush verses the e.l.f. blending brush verses an Avon rounded shadow brush. It's shorter and more "bullet" like than the other two. It's longer and more dense than both. I really like this one so far but I did read several reviews about where the brush seemed like it wasn't filled enough with bristles and the ferrule wasn't crimped. Well I'm pretty sure the ferrule shouldn't be crimped on this type of brush but I can see how if you move the bristles to the side there's a large gap. Maybe a few more bristles would have done the trick. Some ladies talked about how this made the metal scratch their eye, I don't see how exactly but I'll let you know if this happens to me. By the way, I also love this Avon brush and only paid around $1.99 for it!

This is the Sonia Kashuk 01 brush compared to the complexion brush. The Sonia Kashuk brush is bigger and much more fluffy though not as soft.  

This is the studio concealer brush compared to an Avon concealer brush (another $1.99 deal). The e.l.f. brush is shorter thinner and wider. I wasn't planning on using this as a concealer brush but I think I will now that I've seen it.

Here is the blush/bronzer with the eyebrow kit (shown in medium). You can see how much smaller the eyebrow kit is. Both come in the sleek black compacts. These are both must haves! I have read rave reviews all over the web and from my own personal experience so far, they live up to the hype. I really liked how easy the brow gel stuff was to use and the little brush it comes with (imo) is very usable.

Compacts closed.

This is the regular $1 line e.l.f. eyelash curler verses the studio line curler. I like the $1 one much better for me. I also seen they have a $1 one in pink under the sugar kiss line. 

The studio mini eyelash curler on left verses the full sized studio curler.

These are all really great products. The eyebrow filler is dark and pigmented so use with a very light hand, the lifter is great and really adds lift. The lip definer is a nice lip liner in a brown color, and the shaper adds a golden sheen to your cupids bow. I like this but it is not a must have. The concealer works well and the thick brush on the end is great! I recommend saving the black tops after you use these products up if you plan on ordering more. I understand why they put a sharpener on the end as a cap, since it needs it's own due to size and the cap idea is more economical than giving you a sharpener with every product. I haven't had any problems with the sharpener cutting into my pencils, although I store them well and probably won't be throwing them into my purse or anything. 

This concealer works better than many other's I have tried. It really brightened up my eyes even before I put the highlighter on. I like the highlighter also but I say don't overblend it since it will vanish with too much blending. I love love love this packaging. I wish they would take this package and out lipgloss inside. It feels like rubber/plastic/satin with the look of frosted glass. Very chic, it looks/feels so expensive! I think the concealer might be trying to leak out a little tough...not sure.

So overall I love these cheap little thrills. They all do their job and keep my money where it belongs- in my pocket. They make great gifts also, Imma start stocking up for Christmas cause i know they'll be out of stock! Also, they actually sell their own stockings-check it out!

And has anyone tried their body line? It's $4 a piece and I've read mixed reviews so far. Let me know if you have!

P.S.If you haven't been to check out the studio line lately, they've added a new lipgloss, which looks like it belongs in the one dollar line to me...


  1. great post! i'm a huge fan of e.l.f. products..i'd like to see a review on that mini eyelash curler. its so straight that i dont see how it would give a natural curl.. i could be wrong!

  2. Never used any Elf products. You sure got a big haul of things. Hope you like all the brushes. Let us know how they are.