Thursday, August 13, 2009

Huge Deal! 75% Off @ ELF!

Ok so I'm not even supposed to get my ELF haul til Friday but I stumbled on a forum where girls were talking about ELF having 75% off their Studio line! Plus, if you order $75 worth- you get free shipping! Whats all this mean? It means I just got all this for just $18.75 flat. Read on for the code. (Unfortunately the code does NOT work on the new single eyeshadows or blushes, boo!)

What I got-

Matifying Powder

I wanted this in my last order but for some reason didn't get it. I've seen some good reviews, one girl even said it's comparable to Mac's Blot Powder.  Contouring Blush/Bronzer Duo

This is what set this whole line off, with everyone comparing this product to Nars Orgasm Laguna Duo. I really love the packaging of these products, I knew it could be done- cheap and chic. I already ordered one of these in my last purchase but thought another would be needed.Bronzer in Golden

I'm not a bronzer girl  but I got this cause it's pretty. Eyebrow Kit

I got two of these, one in light one in medium. I've read some really good reviews on this. I currently use  an Anastasia Brows  in Bloom kit and love it .Under Eye Concealer/Highlighter

Always looking for a good concealer. Have yet to find one I really liked. But couldn't hurt to try this since the price is  sooooo cheap.Lip Definer/Shaper

I love how so many of these products are duos. I've never used lip liner but this looks promising. 

Eyebrow Lifter/Filler

I love anything that "lifts" my eyebrows.Concealer/Pencil Brush

Another concealer I am willing to try, plus you'll have a brush even on the go!Waterproof Mascara in Black

You're supposed to throw Mascara out every 3 months, and with this price you won't cry at the thought.Hollywood Lash Kit

This should be perfect for me since I've never worn falsies.Eyelash Curler

I ordered their $1 one on my last purchase but this one looks so grown up.  I ordered 2 and I know exactly who to give my other one to.Mini Eyelash Curler

Perfect for those hard to get lashes.Complexion Brush

I ordered the powder brush last time so I decided to get this one this time around.Blush Brush

I have such high hopes for this one.Fan Brush

So pretty!  Use it for eyeshadow fallout or even for cheek color.Eyeshadow "C" Brush

I already own 2 of the $1,  and if those are good- I'm sure this one is.Concealer Brush

I might use this for eyeshadow instead, I've read of other people using it for this.Small Precision Brush

You can use this for concealer, lipstick or any other small precise spots.Small Angled Brush

I love angled brushes.Small Smudge Brush

For that smokey eye look.Contour Brush

This looks like the right size, maybe it'll work better than my current one which  is just a little too big.Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths

I ordered some of these with my last order and I ordered 2 packs this time. I've not read a bad review on them yet, and everyone says how soft they leave your skin. Currently I'm using baby wipes, but if these are good- I'll be loading up! The packaging is so attractive too. Yes, I got all of this for $18.75! Amazing huh? It's not all for me though, I got some for gifts :) promise. I'll be posting my first order as soon as I receive it so keep an eye out. 

O yea, wanna know the code? Here it is-



  1. Actually the code did work on the new eyeshadow and blush. I ordered some.

  2. It did but not at first, I ordered when it wasn't working for the blush or eyeshadow.