Friday, August 21, 2009

Everyday Minerals Sample Kit

A few weeks back I ordered the 5 piece sample kit from Everyday Minerals and received it about a week later. The kit was free but I had to pay shipping which equaled out to $3 and some change for me. You get to pick three base colors, one concealer, and a blush. They arrived in the cutest little containers which I plan to find use for after they're emptied. There seems to be a good amount of product in them. And as much as I don't feel like I'm a mineral kinda girl...I really like this product. I've used each color and of the three I chose, two of them seem like a decent match. I chose fair, golden fair and ivory. Fair was the one that seemed a little off but I'll have to try again to be sure. The concealer doesn't seem real effective for me, I've tried applying it with my fingers then also with a brush. I'm going to try a few different brushes and maybe a regular concealer with this on top would work good. The blush is so pretty, I got it in pink ribbon which describes it perfectly. All the blushes have the cutest names. The only complaint about any of the items is- it's drying! I'm really oily, but have dry patches so it was good in some places, bad in others.

I looked on the sight today and see they've changed the kits and now have different try me kits which are $5 each but you can pick one free with your order. They also took down the starter kits from what I can see. I can't find them anywhere on the site, but maybe I missed them.

Here's my kit- 

I recommend anyone looking into minerals or already using them to try this line, I love it!


  1. I use mineral makeup but never found it drying. I don't have any problems with it. I usually use Bare Minerals and also I have combo skin. Did you use a primer under the makeup?

  2. I've tried with and without primer. It's probably just my skin, I've always had problems with flaking and dry patches- even though my skin is oily as hell...and even after exfoliation. My skin even soaked up Clinique Moisture Surge like it was nothing...