Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'm a little camera shy and I'm new with false lashes, so bear with me. I have no idea why my mouth is open in that second one either. I had bed head and my camera sucks so it really was more vibrant in person. Is that enough excuses? Haha! O and I'm loving the ELF primer, it makes the Strayin' l/s so much more wearable on me.  

Even though my lashes did look like crap- they didn't look this bad-I think this was a bad angle.


Avon Magix primer

E.l.f. primer palette using the lightest skintoned shade

Jane be pure mineral corrective concealer in green

Hard Candy complexion perfection in sugar cookie

E.l.f. blush/bronzer duo ( I so over did the contouring!)


E.l.f. eye primer

Sugar Cosmetics pink dust 

L.A. Colors eyeshadow palette eye candy using the pink, purple, orange, blue and white

Loreal Hip pigment in valiant

Jordana eyeliner pen in black

E.l.f. hollywood lashes

Rimmel brow pencil in brown

Carlos Di Roma eyeliner pencil in azure

Too Face Lash Injection mascara


E.l.f. primer/plumper

Mac lipstick in strayin'

Mac lipstick in saint germain

Maybelline Wet Shine Liquid Diamonds in rhinestone pink 


  1. viva la juicy smells amazing - you have to try it! the original juicy perfume i don't like actually :x haha but this one is awesome :D

    btw - you have such pretty eyes!

  2. ur gorjuz hun,dont be camera shy u look amazing =D

  3. aw thank you! that really made me smile :)

  4. omg you mussst track down a nordstrom rack! trust me, if it's relatively close it's definitely worth the drive!

  5. you're lovely! you should show your face more often :)

  6. Love your makeup! Those eyelashes are fierce. You are just beautiful. I agree with Giselle.

  7. Thank you both :) That's so sweet. Lucy I seen your kissing fish picture- I loved it! When are you going to start a blog? You've got a million fans already!