Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spotted: Gossip Girl Making It's Way To Target

Gossip Girl fans want to look like the Queen B? Fret no more! Anna Sui has come to your rescue and made affordable versions of the o so stylish cast of Gossip Girl! Her inspiration came from being in Asia last year and all the young girls kept asking her about places in New York where the "Gossip Girls" lived. 

Here's the collection from Blair to Vanessa. I find it hard to imagine wearing some of these in public. But for the brave, they'll be worth a try! I'll definitely be stopping by my local Target to see if they are carrying the collection. It'll be in stores and online from September 13th to October 17th.





You Know you love me, Xoxo, SparklingPinkGorilla

Images Via: The Cut


  1. Fantastic looking clothes. Target just keeps getting better and better. I like Vanessa and Jenny the most.

  2. I feel they did a really good job with Vanessa's.