Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mac Free Shipping

Mac free shipping all day today using the code CRAFT. I actually made a (small) Mac purchase online this morning and purposely spent over $60 just to get free shipping, even though I had to add something extra to my cart that I wanted but wouldn't have bought if I didn't want the free shipping. So I go to check my email for my receipt and right before that email is a Mac Promo email saying free shipping with any purchase!!! Ugh! Whatever. Luckily I did have a promo code to use anyways- it was LASH79 and you get a free Mac ZoomLash Sample with purchase! Woo! 

Another thing is I'm wondering if anyone knows why Mac isn't doing express delivery? I wanted to overnight my purchase and it said they're not doing that right now. It told me the same thing for the Sumo sale but I thought it was just because of that sale. Anyone know whats up?? Now I'll have to go the weekend without my goodies I wanted to wear. *Tear*

O I got Saint Germain! I had thought it was gone with the Sugar Sweet collection but apparently it came back with the Euristocrats 2 line. Yay


  1. I bought St Germain with the Sugar Sweet collection. I just love the color. I bought two lipsticks from the previous collection. I will wait to see all the swatches and then probably order something.

  2. Were you happy with Saint Germain? I'm hoping it looks ok on me as I've only seen it on tan people... I really like creme d' nude too but am iffy with my fair skin. I guess I need to go to a counter and see them in person.