Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hello Kitty Overload

My new makeup seems to have renewed my life long love of the always adorable Hello Kitty. So I was doing some browsing and googling and thought I'd share my finds.

-Start this month off right by going over to and printing off your very own Hello Kitty monthly calendar! 

-Do you loathe this popular cat? Probably not more than the man who writes this blog. He'll show you the ridiculous things branded with her face from condoms to toasters(I own the toaster).

-Do you love Hello Kitty and Luke Skywalker equally? Well now you can have your cake and eat it to! At they knew what you were thinking and made all things StarWars really cute and cuddly. The site was initially down for um...copyright infringement or something but now says it will be back up soon! 

-This netbook makes me hate my own. This might not be the only Hello Kitty computer, it is the newest. And the cheapest at only $578! Comes in black or white.

-Is all the Hello Kitty junk you got still just not enough?? Well live in her world in this Hello Kitty(life sized) house! A girl's dream come true.

1 comment:

  1. Good God that is Hello Kitty overload. Okay the house is cute and I like the toaster. I'm not even a Hello Kitty fan. I did buy some Mac things when the collection came out.