Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lime Crime Lipsticks!

Ok so they're not available just yet but Xenia over at Doe Deere Blogazine, creator of Lime Crime Makeup, has been talking about her upcoming lipsticks for a minute now. So I was over looking around the Lime Crime website and seen it had a link for Lips so when I clicked it there's a little preview of the lipsticks! OMG! These are so freaking cute-I can't wait!  

Image Via: LimeCrime

Update! Doe Deere will reveal three lipstick colors on August 3rd


  1. the pink donut i believe is only at 711!! it was really popular when the simpsons movie came out.. hehe itll go wit ur blog name! =P

  2. Awww you wrote about my lippies! <3

  3. That is an adorable lipstick. Sort of reminds me of Mac. I've never bought anything from that web site. I've looked around and loved some things. Maybe this will draw me in!