Monday, May 18, 2009

Mascara Vs. Mascara

mascara vs. mascara

I love Too Faced's Lash Injection and really felt like it did something special. But I received a tube of Avon's Super Full with some eye cream and noticed after wearing it a few times that it gave me basically the same results as the Lash Injection! (And for only $8.50, which is 10 bucks less than.) The brush on the Avon mascara is rather different than the extremely thick brush on the Too Faced, in fact it's the complete opposite with barely anything there. Both are great mascaras, but if you're on a budget...find yourself an Avon lady! (caution: I've used an eyelash curler with both versions and I wouldn't suggest it for the cheaper version as it tends to curl funny.)

images via: avon and sephora

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