Thursday, May 28, 2009

“Close you eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself, there's no place like home.”

I finally received the shoes I ordered from urban original

It wasn't their fault for the lateness, it was the boyfriend's and Fedex's. Anyways, they're here now and I'm completely satisfied! Just to remind you, I got all four pair for around $50! 

Ok, so they're no Louboutins as far as quality goes, but I was actually expecting worse and I really love every pair!

  These are my favorite pair! They are super tall and super cute! The color is a little more vibrant than in the website photo, and the knots on top are a little more protruding, otherwise they are exactly as pictured on the website. The material of the shoe is better than I expected, seems like it might would be a $60 to $80 shoe instead of the actual $22 it cost. Not so comfortable though, they feel like cheap shoes on your feet.


These seem to be the ones my boyfriend liked the best, but I liked the least. His reason has to be the ankle strap, men have something for small pieces of material going around the ankle or something...I dunno. Anyways, cute shoe, brighter green than website photo, which is good, but not as bright as this picture here. I took a picture of them on so you could really seen how they look. They feel horrible on my feet, and look cheap, as they should since they only cost $12. Fun shoe though, so money well spent!


  I've been wanting a pair of shoes that looked similar to these Mui Mui's since I first saw them a couple of years ago.

                  Well these may not be exact matches but I think i like them even more because of the platform. The color didn't photograph well, but if you look at the website photos, that is exactly what they look like- perfect color match.

These shoes are so cute, seem very comfy, seem durable, and each pair even came with separate drawstring bags to store the shoes! (I need some of these bags for all my shoes) And all for $7.99!

Check these styles and more out at 

I'll definitely be ordering from thsi website again!

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  1. You've picked some beauties. I love the green ones also. Can you put some comfy inner soles in them? Maybe that will help.